Trauma Cleaning Townsville | Australia

Townsville Trauma Cleaning Services

Trauma cleaning can include the biological cleaning of death scenes, Accident scenes, odor elimination and disposal of hazardous contaminated items such as furnature, clothing, bedding and personal belongings.

We use specialised cleaning equipment and chemicals to ensure all mircobial dangers are removed from the scene.

How much does a Truama Clean Up Cost in Townsville ?

A trauma clean up cost in Townsville will vary depending on where the scene is located, the extent of the damage caused to the immediate area and the length of time required to clean the scene.

In many cases, your insurance comany will cover the cost of the clean.

You can expect to pay an hourly rate for the service + extras such as microbial clean agents, air scrubber hire, Disposable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) worn by the cleaning technicians, Biohazard Disposal Facility costs and occassionaly travel cost depending on the distance from major cities.

Call 1300 BIO HAZ if you need a discrete trauma, death or forensic crime scene Cleaner in Townsville Australia.