Suicide Clean Ups

Suicide Clean Up & Property Restoration Service

Suicides are a traumatic enough experience for any family and the last thing on any family members mind is cleaning up the scene after a passing. Not only would this be emotionally devastating but also dangerous even for related family members due to the number of possible pathogens, diseases and biohazardous risks on a molecular level.

Our suicide clean up technicians are trained to deal with any inherent dangers that may be present at a suicide scene. Our cleaners work fast to restore your home to it original state, removing any blood, body fluid or odours at the scene.

We will thoroughly sanitise and clean the area after a suicide using specialised equipment and hospital grade chemicals designed to sterilise and remove body fluids, blood and other biohazard materials.


For discrete Suicide Cleaning services Australia wide, call the Team at Biohazard Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning


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