Bio Hazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning Newcastle - Bio Hazard Cleaning service Newcastle NSW. Have your property restored to its pre-existing condition, odour free and ready to be occupied. Contact us today to discuss your personalised bio hazard restoration requirements.

Bio Hazard & Crime Scene Cleaning services in Newcastle  NSW:

With our team of highly trained and certified crime scene cleaning technicians in Newcastle NSW, we are able to provide a professional and efficient service in times of need. The clean up of biological waste left behind from a trauma, death or any crime scene can be horrific and highly contaminated with blood born disease and infectious mirco-organisms. Our Newcastle Crime Scene cleaning technicians have undergone specialised training both in-class and onsite to ensure we have the skills to deal with any situation that may arise.

Our services include the clean up of blood, body fluid, faecal matter and most importantly the removal of the odour resulting from the breakdown of organic matter. Our Sydney crime scene cleaners use industrial strength Ozone and Hydroxyl generators with the addition of air movers we are able to kill the odour causing bacteria and completely decontaminate any property. To discuss your crime scene clean up requirements in Newcastle and greater NSW, contact us today via phone or email to further discuss your personalised requirements.

Our services in Newcastle are not limited to the cleaning of crime scenes, or restoration company deals with the clean up of all bio hazardous materials. Bio Hazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning provides the following services thought the greater Newcastle region.

Crime Scene Cleaning Newcastle :

Trained & Experience Crime Scene Cleaners with years of experience within both the clean up of a crime scene and within the restoration industry. Our Newcastle crime scene cleaning division is able to clean and remediate any home, office or the like back to its original pre-existing condition. We use the latest equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure every property is left fresh and odour free, ready for your friends and family to re-inhabit.  

Unattended Death Cleaning Newcastle :

 We provide a professional Death cleaning service throughout Newcastle NSW. The clean up of a death scene can expose you to many infectious diseases and pose serious health risks if not cleaned and sterilised in the correct manor. Our team of unattended death cleaners in Newcastle is experienced in the remediation of any bio hazardous site wether from a death or traumatic event. Bio Hazard Trauma and crime scene cleaning have years of experience in the clean up of blood, bodily fluid and harzardous materials caused after the death or serious enjury of a loved one. For a caring and professional service, contact our Newcastle unattended death clean up division today.- on 1300 246 429

Clandestine Drug Lab Cleaning Newcastle :

Trained and certified by NIDS (National Institute of Decontamination Specialists - US) in the clean up and remediation of a Clandestine Drub Lab, otherwise know as a Meth Lab, Drug Lab, Ice Lab amount other names. Our Sydney Clandestine Drug Lab technicians Josh & Dane are experienced and highly knowledgeable on the remediation process as well as the health and safety risks associated with such a clean up.

A clandestine drug lab poses huge health risks to any occupants, especially children of a property that has once had a lab operation within. These health risks are serious and occupants of a contaminated property run the risks of not only experiencing illness when inhabiting the property, but also long term illnesses including cancer and organ failure, the full extent of the risks are still unknown due to the recent nature of these types of Labs in Australia.

Once a clandestine drug lab and been cleaned by our technicians, a industrial hygienistss is called in to perform testing ensure the contaminants have been removed or reduced to a safe level. Only once this has been done, are we able to produce a clearance certificate and have the property removed from the NSW contaminated property data base.

Gross Filth Cleaning Service:
Hoarder House Cleaning:
Sewage Cleaning and Decontination:
Sharps, Needles, Syringe Removal:
Urine and Faeces Removal and Cleaning:
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Call 1300 BIO HAZ (1300 246 429) to deal with a professional crime scene cleaning company operating throughout Sydney and regional NSW- Fully insured and trained in the decontamination of contaminated Public, Residential & Commercial properties.