Urine and Faeces Clean Ups

Biohazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning provide decontamination and sterilisation of property contaminated with Urine & or Faeces, both animal and human in origin.

With our team of professional biohazard cleaners, we're equipped to clean up the most nasty of nasty scenes including but not limited to:

  • Animal Urine and Faeces (poo & pee).
  • Rodent Droppings from mice & rats
  • Human Excrement - Vomit, Urine & Faeces.
  • Sterilisation of scenes contaminated by dead animal remains, urine, faeces, blood and bodily fluid.
  • Raw Sewage spills, overflowsing toilets due to blocked pipes
  • Squatters filth clean ups

We also provide professional Odour removal services using state of the art Ozone Generators to clean the air and decontaminate any remaining microbial matter.

Crime Scene Cleaners
Cleaners of urine, faeces, animals droppingsWe are trained in the clean up of properties of hoarders and gross filth. We are trained and certified in the clean up of sewage leaksBTCSC at certified Decontamination CleanersCertified Meth & Drug Lab Decontamination

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