Trauma Cleaning Technicians

Our Trauma Cleaning Technicians are ready to respond at short notice when a biohazard decontamination clean up is required, whether from a crime scene death, murder or suicide or even just a random tragic event. Our Trauma Clean up vans are not sign written to ensure the high level of privacy so the trama scene can be completed as discretely as possible.

Our hightly qualified team of trauma cleaners can remediate and restore all areas affected by a Trauma event reducing the stress and dangers create by such a scene.

Often cross contamination is created from Police, Paramedics and forensic personnel who walk the body fluids throughout the premises, We can ensure that all areas of biohazard contamination are nuetralised, leaving your home or scene safe to work around or inhabit again.

The team at Bio Hazard, Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning are highly experienced in the clean up of a trauma scene. They are trained and highly knoledgeable on all aspects of a trauma clean ups and have access to the latest equipment to ensure the trauma clean is restored using the best industry practices. Our team attends regular training events both in-class and on-site so that there is never a trauma or bio clean up they cannot complete.

Our Trauma clean up service operates throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin and regional centres throughout Australia. We have buillt a stong reputation amoung businesses, home owners, police departments and insurance companies. Contact us today for your personalised Trauma Clean Up requirements, our specialised team of trauma & bio cleaners are on hand to restore your property back to its former glory.

Where possible, we will restore items to their original state, clean and sterile.


In addition to our Trauma Scene Clean Up service we also restore properties affected by the following circumstances:

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Crime Scene Cleaners
Cleaners of urine, faeces, animals droppingsWe are trained in the clean up of properties of hoarders and gross filth. We are trained and certified in the clean up of sewage leaksBTCSC at certified Decontamination CleanersCertified Meth & Drug Lab Decontamination


Below is a list of Suburbs we can provide Trauma Cleaning Services to

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New South Wales | Post Death Cleaners | Blood & Bacterial Clean | Sewage & Faeces