Sewage Clean Up & Black Water Decontamination

At Biohazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning we also specialise in the clean up, sanitisation and sterilization or sewage leaks and spills. Sewage spills can devastate a property by flooding the interior with grey water or raw sewage. These clean ups are required when pipes in the ground and even apartment complexes become blocked or cracked, the resulting waste seaps its way through walls, floors and ceilings leaving a property in most cases uninhabitable. 

Many sewage cleanups require the removal of walls, flooring and furniture contaminated by the effluent overflow. Our cleaning technicians are trained in the removal of sewage, both sink (grey water) and raw sewage (black water). 

What happens if your property is flooded with sewage? 

Step 1 is to establish the cause of the leak, overflow or blockage before a clean up can be commenced. Once the cause of the sewage leak has been found, it needs to be stopped. This will involve either your local council if underground sewer pipes are the cause or a local plumbing contractor if above ground.

Step 2 is to establish the damage and extent of the sewage, how far has it gone, what is contaminated and is there any immediate danger to residents or occupants. The gases released from sewage can be toxic and harmful to your health and it is recommended that all properties be vacated immediately upon discovery of a sewage leak, spill or flooding. 

In most cases, your insurance will cover the clean up caused by busted pipes and sewage damage. The remediation work can take several weeks depending on the extent of damage and location of the sewage spill as well as the duration of the sewage leak. In some cases the sewage leak is slow and occurs over time from a cracked pipe of partially blocked pipe. You will recognise this first by a distinct smelly odour creeping up on you like a bad fart you can't get rid of.

Step 3 is the Sewage clean up. This will include, the removal of flooring such as carpet, tiles and sometimes grinding back of concrete substraight. Once the area has been stripped back to its frame, the sterilization process can begin, swab tests are used to establish if areas are high or low in microbial matter, if the swab reading is not within safe levels, a second sterilization will be required. 

Step 4: Cleaning of the air using scrubbers or Ozone generators to remove the bad odour and kill any remaining microbial matter. Note Ozone generators are toxic and will kill pets including fish and reptiles. 

For a 24/7 response to a sewage leak contact us on 1300 246 429. We have professional trained sewage clean up technicians on call in case of an emergency.

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