Clandestine Drug Lab Cleaning is required when hidden amphetamine and illegal production rooms are found by the authorities.  Clandestine Drug Labs contain toxic chemicals and substances and are usually highly explosive.

Once the Authorities have finished investigating a Clandestine Drug Lab, the mess is left to the owner of the property to clean up.  Due to the highly toxic and dangerous nature of the substances used in these Clandestine Drug Labs, the clean up is something that is best left to the professionals rather then attempting it yourself.

Clandestine Drug Labs contaminate more then what the naked eye can see.  The toxic substances contaminate walls, surfaces, airconditioning/heating systems, furniture, flooring and drains.  Substances used in Clandestine Drug Lab production include Ammonia, Benzene, Iodine, Acetone, Methanol and Hydrochloric Acid – just to name a few.  These chemicals linger in the air and surfaces and can be absorbed through the skin and eyes.  Exposure to these substances can cause a multitude of health problems.  

Correct clean up of a Clandestine Drug Lab can include the disposal of furniture, carpets, tiles, fixtures and anything else that is porous and can absorb the toxic chemicals.   Failure to correctly clean up a Clandestine Drug Lab can leave a property toxic for years to come.

Don’t put your family at risk, and get Professional Clandestine Drug Lab Cleaners into your property.


We service 100% of Australia and will travel and arrange transport of equipment to the most remote locations in the country. Drug labs are extremely dangerous, not only due to the explosive nature of the chemicals but due to the toxins in the air and surfaces that can even be absorbed through your eyes. Many chemicals are carcinegeic, know to cause cancer and long term irreversible health problems. Always stay clear of drug lab until Biohazard technicians can clean the scene.

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