Forensic Cleaners

As specialist Forensic Cleaners, the Clean up team from Biohazard Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are fully trained in the remediation and clean up of death scenes, suicide cleans, Murder and homicide scenes including residential and commercial accidents. 

We will take all necessary action to ensure the area is restored back to its pre-loss state. In many cases, even cleaner as the walls, floors and furniture are cleaned on a microbial level leaving the area sanitised and safe. HEPA Air-scrubber are used to filter the air and high output industrial Ozone generators are often used to remove the odour caused by bacteria.

Unattended deaths are the worst scenes to clean when it comes to odour as a dead body releases some serious gases during the decomposition stage. A forensic death scene should be avoided until forensic cleaners have sanitised the area and decontaminated the air.

Forensic cleans are in many cases covered by your insurance company, contact your insurer to make sure you're covered should your ever require a forensic cleaning services. Forensic cleaning will often require removal of structure such as the floor boards where the body might have laid for a long period. In this case the damage is considered structural under your insurance policy.

Bloodstains & body fluid at the scene of an accident or as a result of a crime scene are often hard to stomach. Even the hardest people can feel sick just from the sight of blood.  Professional forensic cleaners from Biohazard Trauma and crime scene cleaning have seen it all before and can respond to any biohazard clean up no matter how disastrous.

In addition to our Forensic Cleaning service, BTCSC can also provide a wide range of professional biohazard restoration services.

The Biohazard cleaning services offered by BTCSC including the following:

Crime Scene Cleaning

Clantestine Drup Lab Clean Up

Post Death Clean Ups

Bio Hazard Clean Ups

Hoarders House Clean Up Service

Gross Filth Cleaning

Sewage & Black Water

Suicide Clean Ups

Urine & Faeces

Sharps, Needles & Syringe Removal

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Crime Scene Cleaners
Cleaners of urine, faeces, animals droppingsWe are trained in the clean up of properties of hoarders and gross filth. We are trained and certified in the clean up of sewage leaksBTCSC at certified Decontamination CleanersCertified Meth & Drug Lab Decontamination


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