Crime Scene Cleaners in Cairns – Yes the little tropical town of Cairns is just like any other city in Australia, fortunately there are less murders and homicides in Cairns than most cities but Cairns still has its fair share of suicides and natural deaths which if left unattended for days will soon turn into a scene from a homicide.

Lucky for you our crime scene cleaner in Cairns has all the experience and equipment needed to deal with any of the above, from removal of body fluid and blood to odour removal and air sanitisation.

If you find yourself in need of a forensic cleaner in Cairns, call Josh on 1300 BIO HAZ or 0487 829 264. In many cases forensic cleaning of crime scenes and biological damage caused from the death of a loved one is covered by insurance.

One call does it all – 1300 BIO HAZ