Crime Scene Clean Up

Understandably, the death or injury of a family member or loved one is a very traumatic event. However, it is important that the scene of the death or serious injury is secured and cleaned up as soon as possible to reduce the risk of diseases and biohazards spreading throughout the household. 

Cleaning up a crime, death or trauma scene is not as simple as sending in a cleaner to clean up some blood or bodily fluids, it is far more complex and can only be undertaken by a trained professional. Crime scene cleaners are experts in their field and are able to identify the biohazard dangers in a crime scene and know how to correctly clean the area and eliminate the biohazard danger, bringing your household back to a safe environment. For example, what can look like a drop of blood on the carpet can turn into a very large bloodstain that has soaked in underneath the floorboards and into the substrate beneath.  If the blood isn’t fully and correctly removed, it can pose a serious health risk. 

Quite often this can involve the removing and disposal of furniture, carpets, tiles and other household items.  Biohazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning will organise and do all of this for you.  Each and every crime, death and trauma clean is different, so it’s important to have the right person do the job for you. 

By attempting to clean up a crime scene yourself, you could risk the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

To ensure your crime scene is cleaned up correctly, a trained, certified and experienced crime scene cleaner should always be engaged. At Bio Hazard Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning or technicians have undergone specialised training both onsite and in-class and have access to the latest equipment and chemicals to ensure the crime scene is cleaned back to its pre-existing state. Contact us today to discuss your personalised crime scene clean up requirements.

At BTCSC we do more than just crime scene clean ups, we also provide the following professional bio hazard clean up services: 




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