Sydney, averages approximately 2 meth lab bust per week, leaving home owners of rental properties left with hefty clean up costs. The average meth lab clean up in Sydney will take between 2 and 5 weeks (excluding lab testing) and can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Meth lab cleanups in Sydney are an investment property owners worst nightmare. Most will not know that a property used to cook up methalanphetamines will contaminate the entire property. These highly contaminated properties are considered “Contaminated Sites” by local councils after a drug bust takes place and the authorities finish their investigation. What the cooks often don’t realise is the toxic carcinogenic chemicals and precursors used in the manufacturing/cooking process, will often cause terminally illness within coming years.

Meth labs in Sydney are becoming far too common – If you suspect a meth lab in the Sydney Region, then call 000 or crime stoppers.

For all Meth lab clean ups in Sydney please call us to discuss you situation on 1300 BIO HAZ or direct on 0487 829 264.
In most cases the clean up will fall under your landlord insurance or home insurance policy.

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