Gross Filth Cleaning

Filth Cleaning can be as a result of Hoarding, or it can be something that has been brought on by neglect of keeping the home clean.  Filth in the home can lead to a wide range of illnesses due to the poor air quality and often the lack of working toilets that remain full of biohazardous waste, trash and food that has been left to rot, the remains of dead rodents such as rats and cockroaches or mold infestation.
Properties left to neglect like this are full of biohazards and as such, anyone that comes into contact with a property like this without the correct safety equipment and appropriate training risks contracting serious illness or disease.   
We are experts in cleaning up Filth homes.  Our Filth Cleaners will take the time to understand the needs and scope of work required in cleaning up a property that has been overtaken by Filth.  We will then remove and clean all Filth, disinfect the home and return it to a liveable state.


Crime Scene Cleaners
Cleaners of urine, faeces, animals droppingsWe are trained in the clean up of properties of hoarders and gross filth. We are trained and certified in the clean up of sewage leaksBTCSC at certified Decontamination CleanersCertified Meth & Drug Lab Decontamination

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