Meth Lab clean up statistics show the majority of properties used for the illegal manufacture of ice / Methamphetamine are rental properties with hundreds of landlords falling victim to clean up bills in the tens of thousands of dollars. With Queensland topping the list of Illegal Meth Lab discoveries by the drug squad, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are HOT destinations for Rental Property Meth Lab Cooking and ice seizures.

Tenants often wind up in Jail and many insurance companies do not cover the cost of a meth lab clean up in there policies.

How do you test your property for Meth?
The first step is to arrange for your property manager to perform a meth check using a Meth Test Kit. Meth testing kits can be purchased in Australia from Meth Lab Cleaners Australia and cost $199.00

These kits are designed to be used as indicators only. They should not be used to replace independent Lab testing.

The Home Meth Test Kit is used to wipe surfaces from multiple locations around the house like window ledges, above door frames, bathroom extraction vents, air-conditioning vents and benches. The swab is then placed into the solution and the vile cracked to check for a reaction. If the colour changes you might be in some serious trouble.

The next step is swab testing of individual rooms and areas. 1 swab per room per location, this could easily total 15-30 swabs. The swabs are then sent to a Accredited Science Laboratory for testing. Only then can we determine the right course of action for a clean up depending on which areas of the house are contaminated and how high the contamination level is.

If your house has been used to manufacture methamphetamine or ice please call 1300 246 429 and we can talk you through the process of cleaning and decontaminating a meth house.