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Forensic, Death & Murder Scene Cleaners Townsville .

With an unbeatable track record, the team from Biohazard Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are ready to clean any Forensic Scene in Townsville .

Servicing Townsville our specialist Forensic Cleaners are fully trained in the remediation and clean up of death scence, suicides, homicide and Work place accidents both residential and commercial in and around Townsville . 

We will take all necessary action to ensure the area is restored back to its original state. In many cases, even cleaner then original state, as walls, floors and furniture are cleaned on a microbial level leaving the area safe to inhabit. Ozone generators are often used to kill remaining microbial matter and clean the air to removal all toxin, pathogens and odours left from the decomposition.

Unattended deaths in Townsville are the worst scenes to clean as the odour from a dead body releases some seriously dangerous gases during it's stage of decomposition. Not only do the area smell like nothing from this world but it's also very toxic and should be avoided until Townsville forensic cleaning technicians have sterilised the area and decontaminated the air.

Townsville Forensic cleans are in most cases covered by your insurance company. We would advise you contact your insurer to make sure you're covered should for a forensic clean up prior to booking the service.

Bloodstains, body fluids and scenes that will make most people ill just from the sight are no match for our professional forensic cleaners from Biohazard Trauma and crime scene cleaning Townsville .